If you are first time contacting me, you must carefully fill out the following contact form and introduce yourself to arrange a session.

My sessions take place at a well-equipment studio in Midtown Manhattan. Uptown private play space is also available for selective clients only. For you to make the arrangement, request must be made in advance notice with my approval.

  • In-Calls are required at least 48 hrs notice.

  • Out-calls are only available within Manhattan or those I've seen before with extra travel fee.

  • Weekend same-day appointment or after 10pm session requires extra fee. Please communicate with me.

20% deposit is required for the first time meeting to secure my time, and 50% deposit of the total session tribute when I travel.

  • I accept PayPal, Venmo, Gift Rocket and Cash App. Please send all the deposit as “gift” to info@LANnyc.com

I do not offer any illegal activities including anything that ends with "job".

No Sex, No nudity on My side.

I am also novice, asexual and deaf friendly.

Bondage / Shibari session starts minimum 90 minute.

Nite Flirt Chat is a good place for consulting, pre-booking and keeping in touch with Me from a distance so that I know you show respect for My time. I have met many lovely pleasure here, and once I accept your effort, I will show you my respet to you as well. Let us embrace our special relationship.

Call Ms Luna for phone sex on Niteflirt.com


"Anytime" would be dismissed. Please specify.
Please Includes Names of Dommes you Have seen Past Few Years.
The Degradare
If you are into heavy bondage and willing to be photographed while being sensory bound, Please inform Me before session.


San Fransisco ( Feburary 20-28 )
Phoenix ( March 1-4 )
Seattle ( March 4-7 )
Boston ( April TBA )
Berlin ( May 29 - June 3 )

/adəˈrāSH(ə)n/ - The Act of Worship -

I may not say much in the wifi world, but I am absolutely blessed and grateful for where I am today, especially, those who have delivered Me such exciting experiences and devotion.

Below are many ways for you to connect with Me to bring Me Happiness and make yourself noticed.

I adore leather, Pearl, Silk, Flowers, Shoes, French Pastries and Hand Written Cards. Please send all tribute / gift voucher to: info@LANnyc.com