leather corset leather boots leather gloves

- Devote yourself to the ONE and ONLY -

I'm a Capricorn born in snow under the name of the white sun.

I rule My world with the power of the moon that has been gifted into My life.


A few things before we start;

you've already lost.

you are on the path to giving everything to ME. I absorb your energy by giving pain and numb your misery.

you can NOT resist this, and you are going to enjoy that I AM about to take everything from you.

Suffer For MY Pleasure. Live In Pain. Bound To MY Present.




you may call Me Ms. Luna.

you may address Me as Mistress on your knees.

I am an authentic Japanese Mistress specializing in Shibari / Rope Bondage, Sensual Torture and Fear Play.

My soft and seductive voice will penetrate your inner self and soon you will think only of Me.

Through obedience, you will become a subject of My desire which is where you will find peace and happiness.

I know you will always come back into where you belong because that's the only way you can feel the blood flow.

you are a prisoner of your own ego.

Show Me your Devotion.