I am a Capricorn born in snow under the name of the white sun.

I rule My world with the power of the Moon that has gifted into My life.

I absorb your energy by giving pain and numb your misery.

you may call Me Ms. Luna.

you may address Me as Mistress Luna on your knees. 

I am an authentic Japanese Mistress specialize in bondage, sensory deprivation and fear play.

My sensual and seductive voice will penetrate your inner self and soon you will think only of Me.

Through obedience, you will become a subject of My desire which is where you will find peace and happiness.

I know you will always come back into where you belong because that's the only way you can feel the blood flow. 


you are a prisoner of your own ego.


Remote Play / Mind Game

Do you think you can win?

Do you even want to?

Do you think you are brave enough to go through the hardy?

Can puzzles always be solved?

I’m just here to give you a little gateway...


My mummification play style varies from strict restraint with heavy breath control to playful humiliation & sensual relaxation for fetishist. Leather, Latex, Tape, Zentai, Satin, Cotton, etc.

Bondage / Rope / Shibari

I love bondage and edge play. Pushing one’s limits and challenges always turn Me on. I adore adventurous, humble, yet eager subs.

Trust makes our play even more powerful.

I will put my hands on your inner ego and take it away.

Abandonment / Fear Play

What excites Me the most? The feeling of getting inside of your head & leave scars that link Us through it.

Some delicious torture & tease…

If you think you know how the idea works & make your heart itchy,

you are ready for Me.


Discipline / slave Training

How about collar & leash, chastity cage, and whips to punish you or just simply arouse Me? I will make you fall under My spell, and once you are Mine, there’s no going back.

Be very afraid.

worship / fetishism

I can’t get enough of beautiful stilettos, leather boots, gloves, and tight fitted latex that embrace My beautiful figure - and anything goes with them. I also have a thing for lingerie & silky stockings that make my feet even more prettier…


Will make you feel ashamed, degraded, embarrassed, and anything that makes you feel weak and helpless over My command. Public humiliation is also My favorite activity.